Unbound Advanced Ministry Training DVD and Workbook Set

Unbound Advanced Ministry Training DVD and Workbook Set

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DVD info:

In this series, discover the tools you need to minister to others with compassion and effectiveness. 

Disc 1--The Four Pillars:  Part I
1.  Knowing God’s Delight [51 min.]
2.  Leaning on the Holy Spirit [46 min.]

Disc 2--The Four Pillars:  Part II
3.  Humility [47 min.]
4.  Compassion [60 min.]

Disc 3--The Four Skills:  Part I
5.  Learning to Listen [48 min.]
6.  Recognizing the Enemy [40 min.]

Disc 4-- The Four Skills:  Part II
7.  Foundational Patterns [48 min.]
8.  Leading with a Purpose [55 min.]

Disc 5-- Team Building
Disc 9- Getting Started [50 min.]
Disc 10- Intake and Preparation Rachel Lozano [55 min.]

Workbook info:

The Unbound Advanced Training Workbook will guide you through the ten lessons in the Unbound Advanced Training Video or Audio Series.  Through the sound biblical teaching and thought-provoking activities in this workbook, God will teach you and your ministry team how to:

  • Grow in your relationship with God
  • Depend on the Holy Spirit at you minister
  • Use the principles of Unbound to uncover the enemy's work
  • Lead a ministry session effectively
  • Build an Unbound ministry team and prepare others for ministry

The Unbound Advanced Training Workbook is the participant component of the Unbound Advanced Training Study Program.  The Unbound Advanced Training Study Program is designed to equip you to become a compassionate and effective Unbound leader.  It follows the Unbound Basic Training Study Program and builds upon it.  The Unbound Advanced Training Study Program covers material found in the Unbound Ministry Guidebook in an engaging and powerful way.

* Please note this product is copyright protected and is for personal and small group use only.  Please do not record, copy, or distribute without expressed written permission from HOFM.  This includes sharing via online posts and video conferencing.