Abba's Heart Study Pack

Abba's Heart Study Pack

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 1 copy of Abba's Heart:  Finding Our Way Back to the Father's Delight + 1 accompanying Study Guide!

Description of Abba's Heart:

How is it that so many believers get stuck when it comes to entering into a relationship with God the Father? Rather than basking in the Father's endless love, compassion, and delight, we seem to hesitate, like orphaned children unsure of a place to call home. In Abba's Heart, Neal breaks through the obstacles that keep us from growing in this pivotal relationship. He shatters fear and estrangement in his joyful exploration of Jesus's promise to show us his Father--and ours.

Description of Abba's Heart Study Guide:

This Study Guide is convenient tool to help you record chapter-by-chapter what you are learning and experiencing as you read Abba's Heart:  Finding our Way Back to the Father's Delight.

The Study Guide is 60 pages, and contains reflection questions, outline activities, and guided note-taking exercises, designed to help you respond more fully and personally as you read.