Unbound Advanced Ministry Training CD Audio Series

Unbound Advanced Ministry Training CD Audio Series

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UNBOUND Ministry, transforming lives all over the world, empowers people to take hold of their freedom in Christ.  In this series, discover the tools you need to minister to others with compassion and effectiveness.  This is the teaching component of UNBOUND Advanced Study Program and is intended for individuals and groups who have already completed UNBOUND:  Freedom in Christ and UNBOUND Basic Training Study Programs. 

The Four Pillars
Disc 1- Knowing God’s Delight [51 min.]
Disc 2- Leaning on the Holy Spirit [46 min.]
Disc 3- Humility [47 min.]
Disc 4- Compassion [60 min.]

The Four Skills
Disc 5- Learning to Listen [48 min.]
Disc 6- Recognizing the Enemy [40 min.]
Disc 7- Foundational Patterns [48 min.]
Disc 8- Leading with a Purpose [55 min.]

Team Building
Disc 9- Getting Started [50 min.]
Disc 10- Intake and Preparation Rachel Lozano [55 min.]