Unbound Basic Ministry Training DVD Video Series

Unbound Basic Ministry Training DVD Video Series

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UNBOUND ministry, transforming lives all over the world, empowers people to take hold of their freedom in Christ.  In this series, you will gain essential understanding for conducting an UNBOUND session.  This is the teaching component of the UNBOUND Basic Study Program and is intended for individuals and groups who have already completed the UNBOUND Freedom in Christ Study Program.

Disc 1
1.  The Power of the Gospel (Neal Lozano [40 min.]
2.  Overview of the Five Keys (Matt Lozano)   [35 min.]

Disc 2
3.  Ministry to Others (Janet Lozano)  [43 min.]
4.  Principles and Practices (Neal Lozano)   [46 min.]

Disc 3
5.  A Non-Confrontational Approach (Neal Lozano)  [53 min.]
6.  Interview Tips and Resources (Matt Lozano)   [45 min.]

Disc 4
7.  Intercession (Matt Lozano)   [25 min.]
8.  Speaking the Father's Blessing (Matt Lozano)   [29 min.]

* Please note this product is copyright protected and is for personal and small group use only.  Please do not record, copy, or distribute without expressed written permission from HOFM.  This includes sharing via online posts and video conferencing.