Unbound Freedom in Christ CD + Workbook Set

Unbound Freedom in Christ CD + Workbook Set

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*Purchase the CD series + workbook as a set and save $2!  

The message of UNBOUND is profoundly transforming lives throughout the world.  Discover how you can find deeper freedom in Christ or lead others to find freedom through Neal and Janet Lozano's inspiring and thorough teachings.  


This series is the complete audio set of UNBOUND conference teachings, a great tool for personal study or group study.  

Disc 1 Deliverance is a Good Word  (approx. 40 min)
Disc 2 Repentance and Faith: The First Key (approx. 40 min)
Disc 3 Freedom in Christ (approx 38 min)
Disc 4 Renunciation and Authority:  Keys Three and Four (approx. 60 min)
Disc 5 The Power of Forgiveness (approx. 58 min)
Disc 6 Ministry to Others: Partnering with the Holy Spirit--Janet Lozano (approx. 56 min)
Disc 7 Staying Free:  The Battle for our Minds--Ann Stevens (approx 60 min)
Disc 8 The Father's Blessing:  The Fifth Key (approx. 48 min)

*updated version of the Unbound Freedom in Christ Companion Guide

The Unbound Freedom in Christ Workbook includes: testimonies to encourage you, outlines to guide you, daily reflections to challenge you, and space to record what God is doing in your heart and mind as you go through the Unbound material.  Detailed conference notes enable you to “hear again” the truths shared by Neal and Janet in their talks.