An Interview with Neal Lozano


Jesus is the gift of the Father, the very Heart of the Father revealed.

I experienced being filled with the Holy Spirit when I encountered Jesus in January of 1970. In 1973 I co-founded a Christian community called the House of God’s Light, which I led for forty years. Many in the 70’s were looking for family in a broken world. If you have read my books you will know, that through that time of pursuing the Lord in community I discovered that God the Father was still hidden from me.

IN THE 80'S... 

Over time, Jesus brought me into an encounter with the Father and into an ever-deepening revelation of Father’s love. In the 80’s I began to discover what it meant to be a spiritual father, first to college students, then within my own community, and uniquely on mission trips.  As I traveled, I not only realized the desperate need to know the Father by those who were physically, emotionally or spiritually wounded by their fathers (and mothers), I discovered the deep cry of every human heart to know the eternal Father. In those early missions I spoke about the prodigal and the older brother coming home to the Father based in my book, The Older Brother Returns.


To come home to the Father, believers need to be set free. It was after bringing a message of deliverance and freedom during a week long conference in Poland that I began to realize the significance of what the Lord entrusted to us. When I took the message to our friends in Slovakia the leaders said, “On this visit, you brought us the message and personal ministry of deliverance and our community was transformed into a family of love.  We became vulnerable and honest with each other and empowered to help others into freedom.” The transforming power of the Gospel was being released at new depths in people’s hearts through this message of deliverance and freedom, soon to be named "Unbound.” To those to whom we ministered, the Father revealed himself personally.


During that time, many people commented that they saw in me a father’s heart; I understood that they recognized a grace upon our ministry that revealed the very Heart of our Father. The name for our ministry became clear:  at Heart of the Father Ministries, our calling is to equip the church with insights, practical guidelines, teaching, and resources so that the broken and lost can encounter Jesus in the darkest area of their soul.  Our desire is for people to experience liberation in Jesus Christ and walk in the freedom of knowing they are children of the eternal Father.

Neal Lozano / Founder & Executive Director