Open Doors

We are witnessing the open door both overseas and at home, both in the Catholic church and beyond.

Thankfully, Janet and Neal will begin traveling again on September 1st by holding a three-day conference for the Missionaries of Charity in Newark, New Jersey. On September 4th, the day after our conference ends, the Catholic Church will canonize Mother Teresa, founder of the Missionaries of Charity. God’s timing is so interesting.

Our connection to these Missionaries of Charities is also worth sharing. We have a priest friend who was in Rome shortly after receiving Unbound training. On the eve of the Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis, a Missionary of Charity sister saw him reading Unbound. Hoping to find a replacement for a speaker’s last-minute cancellation, she asked if he could fill in and give a talk on the Unbound model to the sisters. Not only did he do so, he ended up praying with each one of the sisters until 4am.  The next morning they flew all over the world to their various assignments with this newfound freshness of freedom in Christ.

Recently, Neal spoke to another priest who has used the Unbound model for about eight years. He was having a busy year. Because he had prayed with the mother superior of a religious order who was then so profoundly changed by the Lord, she asked him to speak on the Five Keys to all the sisters in her order. Consequently, during the first months of this Year of Mercy, he visited four different cities and  ended up ministering personally to 140 sisters! God is surely opening doors in the Catholic Church!

He continues to open doors in the wider church, as well. Several years ago a Pentecostal woman moved to the United States from Kenya. Her pastor felt that the Lord was sending her here so she could bring something back to Kenya. During her first encounter with one of our Unbound friends, the pain in her back left the moment they prayed for her. This healing was just a beginning.  Now, three friends of the ministry just traveled with her to Kenya, where her pastor gathered almost 300 other pastors so they could hear the message of Unbound.  They have already been sent 100 copies of Unbound in Swahili,  and over 100 English copies were sent as well.  Many there have already felt connected by reading the Swahili translation, and they are eager to learn and  to spread the message of Unbound.  Please pray that the doors opened there would make a way for more to know the Father’s great love.

We are thankful for the many ways The Lord is spreading the message of Freedom in Christ. Thank you for all your prayers for Heart of the Father Ministries.