Blessed of the Father

In early September, Neal and Janet led a conference in Newark, New Jersey where they ministered to twenty-one Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity.

On September 4th, the day after the conference had concluded, the Catholic Church canonized Mother Teresa, founder of the Missionaries of Charity. It seems that Mother Teresa lived for forty years of her ministry in spiritual darkness. Some say, in her spiritual life, she felt the loneliness and desolation of the poor. Others say she was sharing in the darkness of Jesus crucified, experiencing His isolation and abandonment as He took our sins upon Himself.  In her call to serve the poor, she shared in both a material and spiritual poverty, yet she trusted in the Love of her Father and His grace.

Mother Teresa’s dedication to love Jesus, despite having no consolation, was a form of sacrifice, identification with, and intercession not only for the poor but also for the 4000 Missionaries of Charity sisters. Each has come from a broken family and a broken world to give her life to serving Jesus in the poor. Mother Teresa’s canonization marks a time of grace for all of them.

Neal and Janet spent Thursday afternoon and Friday teaching Unbound. On Saturday, a team from New Hampshire joined them to minister to the sisters. Many sisters gave testimonies about getting set free from childhood wounds that held them back. One said that although the wounds she had carried kept her from knowing Jesus personally, she was now free to know him at a new level. We are very thankful for the Unbound New Hampshire team that drove down to serve so joyfully and powerfully. They stayed late to pray further for physical healing. Seven of the nine sisters for whom they prayed reported pain leaving or being reduced and increased mobility. May the Father’s amazing grace touch all those whom these sisters now serve.

Donations enabled us to go on this mission and leave the sisters with copies of Unbound for themselves as well as many more to help them spread the message. These wonderful women committed, out of gratitude, to pray so many prayers for Heart of the Father Ministries. Here is the picture of the “Thank You” they presented to us on their blackboard. We truly are blessed of the Father.